About Me

Richard here, just a photographer from Singapore. Constantly finding new ideas to better my skill. Started photography in 2007, dabbled in landscape, still life and portraiture in the form of Fashion, Editorial and Conceptual

Portrait Photography

Starting off from conceptual portraits, I moved on to fashion and editorial recently. Having shoot portraits for almost 10 years, what turned out to be a simple hobby evolved into a serious form of art, to pursue the image I want to create. 

Portrait Services

I provide portrait services for individuals or businesses. Be it just a make over service or advertising, do contact me at my my FB page or email me at richardng@zpeaktures.com

Photography Write Ups

One of the reason this site was setup was to not only share my love for photography, but also as a platform to write review and tutorials on the things I use and the various things I learn during my time, both in shoots and out of it. I believe that sharing what I know and interacting with people of similar interest may result in learning things that I never could have realize alone.

Beyond just this site, most of my works will be up on my facebook page
ZerartulPeaktures on Facebook

For those interested in what I use for my shoots:
Lighting: Profoto B1 and B2, Godox AD200 and AD600
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s     
Lense Focal Lengths: 32mm - 250mm